Athlone Literary Festival

Athlone Literary Festival is an yearly celebration of culture and literature that intends to bring the greatest calibre speakers, authors, thinkers and artists into the Midlands. The festival weekend includes of workshops, book launches & readings, debates, open-mike sessions and social gatherings. We aim to make an intimate and convivial setting which encourages guests and audience to meet and discuss experiences and opinions. All people who attend are certain to enjoy a weekend of thought-provoking dialogue and cheerful excellent firm.

How much? Before there’s been a small entry fee to the majority of programme things. Bookings may also be made in The Prince of Wales Hotel on the festival weekend. But, patrons are advised that some incidents may book out beforehand.

Athlone has had guided Historic walks for over thirty Decades But a brand fresh Literary & Cultural Walk of Athlone was especially Invented with this year’s Festival by local historian and writer Gearoid O’Brien. This will definitely take in writers as varied as T.P. O’Connor, John Info on other authors, on musicians, artists and composers. If You believed that Athlone was a part of civilization come together and Be convinced otherwise!