Pentatonix Talk World Tour, Reveal Surprising Alternate Band Name in New Video


Pentatonix is ​​taking the road this spring for its next world tour and all the details of what fans can expect in the new video of Monday (April 1), which will be broadcast exclusively on Billboard, are published.

In the video, the five singers sit with Live Nation to answer questions about the tour and to be interviewed about their group mates. “A lot of new music!” Kirstin Maldonado says what to expect, while Scott Hoying promises “fun”, “choreo” and “belts” in every show.

Then the a cappella group plays a quick lap of superlatives, naming which of their companions is the biggest joker (Kirstin), the most messy (one out) and always late (also Kirstin, although the beatboxer Kevin Olusola is named silently).

Another fun fact? If the band could change their name, the original members Maldonado, Hoying and Mitch Grassi agree that it would be … Wait! Fifth harmony! It is possible that the group of girls announced its indefinite break in March 2018, but it is good that Normani & Co. got its nickname at The X Factor in 2012.

Pentatonix: The World Tour begins May 11 at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California. Watch the video and the 45 dates of the first stage of the tour below.

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